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The Making of a Golf Course

The idea for a course came about in the summer of 1917, when Enterprise Country Club members, Ian MacDonald and R. J. Campbell — considered golf experts from the east — declared the property that lay two miles north of town ideal for the game. The club applied for a state charter, and contracted for the 43 acres. The fledgling organization incorporated with capital stock of $5,000, and shares of $25 each. The charter application came at a time when optimism flourished in the county, where the population was growing in leaps and bounds.  It was also a time when golf, a game that had been played chiefly by people of wealth before 1913, had gained the attention of the broader American public, Wallowa County included. 

Lost bomber lands on Enterprise Golf Course

In 1944, during World War II, a B-24 Liberator, on a routine training mission from the Walla Walla airbase, became lost in bad weather. With low visibility and a radio that had conked out, the pilot circled the unfamiliar Wallowa valley countryside while local residents came out in force to help. Hundreds of cars streamed out to the course, and lined up with headlights and spotlights focused on the field to guide the plane. Finally at one o’clock in the morning the pilot made a miraculous landing putting the mammoth four- motored bomber down safely in the narrow gorge. All ten crew members were unharmed. Within a few weeks, the plane was able to take off successfully. APRIL 30TH 2016 WAS THE INAUGURAL "BOMBER TOURNAMENT"

Alpine Meadows Golf Course Today

Today Alpine Meadows is the ideal setting for the game of golf. With several of its fairways bordering a meandering Trout Creek, the challenge to make par of 72 for 9 holes becomes even greater. Visit the chipping green, putting green, or the driving range to perfect different aspects of your game.

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